How Soon Do We Become Outdated?

Recently I found a very interesting research from McKinsey which demonstrates how much time it took 50m people to start using different types of technologies. Radio took 38 years to achieve that, TV – 13, Internet – 3, Twitter – 9 months.

It is amazing how humankind improved its adaptation skills in less than a century. But that also means that social time has sped up and intensity increased significantly.

My only concern is that we all have our own limits in terms of adaptation, at some point the train of progress will be too fast to catch for any of us (like our grandparents struggle with the internet now). New generations adapt to technology much faster, but the concept of “new generation” has also changed. Now 2-3 year old kids easily use iPads and some big brands even have coding schools for toddlers (and most likely the things they do there are too complicated for me at this point already). It will all lead to the decrease in length of the period of fame of each generation – the time when you’re the key labour power and hope of the economy.

Our brain is too overloaded with information, at some point our processor will reach its limit, which means that there’s a chance that we’ll become outdated faster than our parents and grandparents. 50 years ago our grand-grandparents could be on the top (in terms of their knowledge and expertise) until they retire, but now younger generations become self-sufficient, confident and skilled very fast and then they easily build new knowledge on top of what has been done before (sometimes easily breaking the cannons). In other words the change in labour generation is now happening faster, the gap between generations is getting smaller and smaller.

This all means that we have to work, work, work now to make sure that we achieve something before the next generation comes to power, the clock is ticking.

Written by barikhina