Meet Coffee Geisha – Your Bot Assistant in Search for Good Coffee Places

Are you a coffee snob? Do you like exploring new coffee places when traveling? Do you want to find new good spots in your city? Then Coffee Geisha is for you.

Coffee Geisha is a Telegram messaging bot that helps find good coffee places in a few seconds anywhere around the globe. Specialty coffee only.

It all started with two coffee enthusiasts (myself and Florian Dreschner) reading through the hundreds of blog posts, reviews and maps to find good coffee spots before traveling to make sure there’s no disappointment in the coffee experience. Because we take coffee seriously.

And then as people working in technology we decided to make the search for new coffee places as simple as possible by leveraging the power of technology. So we built a digital database of thousands of places around the globe and connected it all to one easy-to-use bot in Telegram Messenger. We made it for the people like us and would love you to check it out and let us know what you think.

Here’s a quick guide to how it works:

Step 0 – make sure you have Telegram Messenger installed

Google Play
App Store

Step 1 – start a chat with the user @Coffeegeishabot or simply scan the QR code

Step 2 – press “Start” in the bottom of the screen

Step 3 – Share your location to get a recommendation

Simply share the location where you are or of the place where you plan to be by pressing the button in the bottom of the screen. And voilà the bot will tell you which coffee place is the closest (in the radius of 20 km) with the following information:

– A photo of the place to get an overview of the place’s atmosphere
– Address
– Opening hours
– Travel distance (time by foot if the distance is less than 1.2 km and by public transport if it’s more)
– And of course a link to Google Maps to start navigation

Step 4 – Didn’t like the first suggestion?

Press “Show next location” in the bottom and the bot will suggest you the next closes one.

Step 5 – Didn’t find some of the place you know? Press /recommend and tell us what we missed.

Type in the name of the place -> then specify address (at least the name of the city) ->The bot will suggest the place which you can confirm or decline.

If you press “✅ Yes” – we will review your suggestion (just to make sure no Starbucks shops are suggested) and add it to the list shortly to make sure other coffee enthusiast can discover the spot asap.

If you decline “❌ No” – the system will either suggest you another address for the place with the same name (especially helpful if it’s a small chain) or ask you to try again since something went wrong. Coffee Geisha wants to make everyone happy 🤗!

Step 6. Enjoy!

Please try out the bot and give us your feedback in the comments under this post and straight in telegram chat with the bot. Any ideas on what else could we teach Coffee Geisha are greatly appreciated 🙏. Happy coffee exploration 😍!

Written by barikhina