Mobile World Congress 2016

This year it was my first time at the Mobile World Congress and I want to share my insights and thoughts on it. It’s my personal opinion and shouldn’t be associated with any company’s position 🙂

1) I was really blown away by technologies driving the internet of things. For me this is really the most impressive part here and for sure that’s the future. Imagine, you can connect your vineyard in the middle of nowhere to your mobile device and track absolutely everything. Sounds super innovative, but a little bit scary too, hah?
2) The most commonly misused (or even abused to be precise) words are “future”, “disrupt”, “evolution’, “revolution”, “done right”, “made simple” and of course “smart”. At some point you feel lost in the disrupted smart mobile future made simple 🙂
3) I think the only thing all exhibitors have in common is the word “mobile” Which is fair enough taking into account the name of the event, but people define the concept so differently, that sometimes you feel you’re attending 10 different conferences. And some technologies in my humble opinion have little to do with mobile. Yes Oral-B guys, I’m talking about you 🙂
4) Sometimes it feels like you’re on a traffic black market. All the time people from different countries approach you offering to buy/sell some media traffic 🙂
5) I’ve seen a lot of cool Russian tools/guys at the expo and feel really proud that we have so many innovative people and ideas
6) And the least but not the last – I think it’s really cool that Swiss government supports startups and gives them an opportunity to present their technologies at the events as big as this. It’s an amazing experience, you meet a lot of different companies and people who ask you tricky but helpful questions and nothing can be compared to the feeling when people who come to your stand sigh with relief that they’ve finally found what they were looking for. It’s so cool to feel the appreciation! I think tradeshow is a must for any office worker to feel the real sprit of their product!

Ans also I and CEO of Beekeeper Cristian Grossmann were featured in a video from the Brazilian devision of Zoomin.TV on the role of mobile in modern enterprise communication. The video is in Portuguese, but our part is in English.

Written by barikhina