Momentum – Kate

Today I want you to meet Kate.

She is a foodie and a snob, especially in everything related to food. She was the one who opened the door to the world of specialty coffee for me and thanks to her now i have this big passion of mine. She is a dreamer who believes in the power of truly unique and creative concepts and doesn't want to settle down for something average. In Kate's case cooking is always art.

Kate is honest, but she never judges. I think in case with friends it's the same as with love - you already know in the first 20 minutes if there's some chemistry between you and another person. And on the first day when I met Kate (in was at the Christmas party in 2012 in London) I already knew we will become friends. And I'm not sure if I ever told you, Kate, that when I was moving to London I felt very sad to leave my friends and family, but the knowledge that I will have you there gave me hope during this difficult time.

And now we have a dream in common to open a coffeshop. And one day we will invite everyone we know to the opening ceremony

Kate, with this text I just wanted to say you're adorable and I want everyone to know it. I find you inspiring and the photos on this page capture my emotions perfectly.